Got Homeowners?


Billboards Promote the Housing Industry!

Home ownership is the bedrock of the Ohio economy. Changing media habits have made homeowners increasingly difficult to target. Lind Billboards reach suburban, urban, and rural homeowners who value the quality of a good home! As market choices continue to grow, create instant awareness for your business with Lind!

Lind Billboards Promote All Branches of the Housing Industry

Real Estate

Construction & Roofing

Custom Built Homes

Air Conditioning & Electrical

  • Well-placed billboards are a powerful advertising platform for accessing your markets.
  • With billboards, Lind can help you reach all consumers in all demographics every day all day!
  • Outdoor advertising has massive, unmatched audience exposure and return-on-investment.
  • Lind Billboards can help you build trust with your clients, grow your business, and defend your market share!

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