Ohio Media Comparison

The Lind Ohio billboard coverage area includes 26 counties split between the Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo Nielsen DMAs(Designated Market Areas). Within each DMA are smaller sub-markets with local broadcast and print media sources that are often fragmented and overshadowed by media based in the DMA core.

Television advertising has seen a landmark change beginning with the advent of the remote control and the ability to avoid commercials. Hundreds of cable channel choices, satellite, DVR, web and on-demand TV options have made local television less relevant on the local level. Ever growing video, cable, internet, smartphone, satellite and technology options have made reaching the local consumer very difficult. 

Radio is no longer the exclusive in-car media source. Multiple local and regional radio signals can result in channel surfing, while the medium also competes with satellite, smart phone, cd, blue tooth and more. Local Radio signals and stations in Ohio are heavily fragmented due to dominance from the larger markets of Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo and Cincinnati as well as Detroit, Akron, and Dayton. Considerable signal overlap exists in all of these market areas making penetration via radio expensive and hard to measure. 

Directory, Print and Newspaper continue to reach an ever shrinking, aging market. Escalating ad rates, shrinking readership, and competition from internet, larger market newspapers and national publications have made the newspaper ad-buy a significantly less desirable ad placement. 

The fragmentation and dilution of other media coupled with significant and steady increases in traffic on our roadways has cemented Lind Outdoor 
as the dominant mass medium in much of this market area. Lind billboards are a powerful and proven tool that target all consumers from all walks of life. Lind billboards reach northern Ohio consumers when they are out of their homes and most likely to make buying decisions.

Major Media CPM (cost per thousand viewings)
Outdoor(standard Poster): $3.63
Radio(Spot): $7.80
Online(General Content) $13.0
Broadcast TV(Spot, Prime) $22.30
Cable TV(Spot) $25.00
Newspaper(Daily): $28.00
Direct Mail(co-op targeted): $56.50