Creative & Production

The Lind Production Department is highly committed to creating outstanding Outdoor design.  Lind creative teams meet weekly to evaluate, survey and generate great billboard content based on client input and feedback. The Lind production formula begins with open communication and concept generation to assure an outstanding client return-on-investment. Lind creative is uniquely suited to individual client needs while assuring the advertising message is bold, brief, clear and effective.

Lind Generated Creative Content:

  1. Your account executive will discuss your advertising needs with the production manager and creative team.
  2. A proof will be created and sent to you via email for approval. Upon approval, production is ordered and delivered to Lind within 5-7 business days.

Client/Agency Generated Creative Requirements:

  1. Provide 300 DPI creative files.
  2. Please include all images and fonts (or convert type to curves/outlines).
  3. Supplied fonts must be in PC format. Please specify any CMYK call-outs in a separate document.
  4. Formats: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and CorelDraw (ai, .eps or .pdf) QuarkXpress (pdf).
  5. Only PC formatted media will be accepted.
  6. Email: FTP: please contact your account executive.
Billboard ProductDisplay SizeElectronic File SizeFinished Production SizeDrop-Ship Finished Size
Lind Standard Poster (30 sheet)12’3” x 24’6”12.4” H x 27.1” W124” x 271”10’4″ H x 22’7″ W
Lind Junior Poster (8 sheet)6′ x 12′5.9” H x 13.1” W59” x 131”4’11” H x 10’11” W
Lind Hi-Res Digital11’ x 22’320px x 640px in RGB-72 DPI
Lind Jumbo Poster Wrap12’3” x 24’6”14.7″ H x 29.4″ W159″ H x 306″ W13’3″ H x 25’6″ W
Lind Supreme Bulletin14′ x 48’16.8” H x 57.6” W
Lind Performance Bulletin12′ x 36’14.7″ H x 43.2″ W147″ x 432″12’9″ H x 36’3″ W
Lind Performance Bulletin10’6″ x 36’12.5” H x 43.2″ W125” x 428”10’3″ x 35’8″
Lind Performance Bulletin8′ x 16′9.2” H x 18.8” W92” x 188”7’8” H x 15’8” W
Lind Performance Bulletin8′ x 14′9.2” H x 16.4” W92” x 164”7’8“H x 13’8” W
Lind Performance Bulletin8′ x 12′9.2” H x 14.0” W92” x 140”7’8” H x 11’8” W

Preferred Substrate for Lind formats

Please contact your Account Executive for any sizes/formats not listed above

Monoposters (PE poster/Ecoposter/PosterFlex) is the preferred substrate for most of Lind formats.No pockets needed. Reinforced edges and stitching preferred.

Vinyl (7oz or 13 oz) is the preferred substrate for Jumbo Poster Panel/Wraps.

Production Shipping Contact Information:

Lind Media Company 

Production Department
409 N Main Street 
Mansfield, OH 44902
419-522-2600 • 419-522-1323(fax)