Got Diners?


Billboards Promote the Restaurant Industry!

Ohio’s highway system carries millions of vehicles each day! Restaurant choices and decisions are often discussed in-car! Create instant awareness and connections with non-stop restaurant exposure!

Lind Billboards Bring Hungry Consumers To YOU!

Establish Your Brand Identity Public Image

Indicate Your Franchise Location

Entertain Viewers With Eye-Catching Creative

Showcase the Items on Your Menu

Display Announcements and Messages

  • Well-placed billboards are a powerful advertising platform for accessing your markets.
  • With billboards, Lind can help you reach all consumers in all demographics every day all day!
  • Outdoor advertising has massive, unmatched audience exposure and return-on-investment.
  • Lind Billboards can help you build trust with your clients, grow your business, and defend your market share!

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