Proud to Serve Galion & Crawford County!

An image of Lind's digital billboard in Galion. On the board, there is an image reading "Proud to Serve Galion & Crawford County!"

Lind Media is excited to announce our new digital board in the heart of Galion! We look forward to serving the Crawford County Market with our high resolution digital board.

Design Tip of the Month: Contrast

An image of a billboard reading "Beth Owens, Attorney."

What good is a billboard if you can’t read it? One of the most important things to think about when designing is choosing background and font colors that contrast enough so your messaging is easy to read at any time of day. Generally, black and white is considered the easiest to read, but any two contrasting colors can work.

Lind Delivers!

An image of Lind's Sales Manager, Jen Schmidt. The tagline reads "Your Business Is My Business."

Lind Account Executives do not just “sell” billboard space. They provide a bridge to take organizations to the next level of growth and awareness. Visit our website to learn more about how Lind can help you expand your business and deliver excellent return on investment.

How do two billboards communicate?

Sign language

Great Ideas, Big Billboards, Unbeatable Results!

Ohio’s Highway system carries millions of cars each day.
In fact, our typical freeway billboard reaches over 30,000 viewers per day!

Lind Media, Ohio’s largest independent Outdoor Company, delivers unmatched coverage, scale and quality on major arteries in every market we serve.

As an Ohio owned company, nobody cares more.
Lind team members love Outdoor, creating instant awareness and unmatched return-on-investment for advertisers.

Lind billboards turn traffic into opportunity every day.
Talk to a Lind Account Executive and dominate your market.

Jen Schmidt

Sales Manager

Connor Griggs

Senior Account Executive

Northeast Ohio Markets

Abram Kaple

Account Executive

Northwest and Central Ohio Markets

Cory Peterson

Account Executive

Southwest Ohio Markets

Kaleb Smith

Account Executive

Richland and Crawford County Markets

Matt Pursley

Account Executive

Richland and Knox County Markets